Japan Nuclear Reactor Disaster
This major calamity was started by an earthquake which registered at a 9.0 magnitude...



The name's Willis Williams and I'm putting this little site together just to inform.  Many people don't know about all the major calamities that happened in Japan in 2011.  Sure, some may have known about the earthquake.  It was the biggest one that ever hit Japan and the fourth biggest in the world.  Some people may have also known about the tsunami that came shortly afterwards, which is a common occurrence when a major earthquake hits, but many people didn't know that those two incidents sparked a major disaster at nuclear plants.  

There were level 7 nuclear meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plan t .  This affected hundreds of thousands of people who were living in a radius of the area... they needed to be evacuated.  

I wasn't associated with the momentous event but my interest was peaked when I saw a short video clip about it online.  It compelled me to chime in and put together a website to highlight what happened and to express that it could happen again, not only in Japan but anywhere in the world.  

My intent is not to offend anyone and I hope that I'm not showing a lack of sensitivity to the event.  If you find anything shared here to be inaccurate please contact me and I'll be sure to make any corrections.